Trader Joe’s Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

26 Jun

“We had that babka!” Jerry cried out to Elaine at The Dinner Party episode of Seinfeld.  Unfortunately for Elaine and Jerry, they had to settle for the cinnamon babka.

Thanks to Kat, my youngest sis, we ended up with the chocolate babkaContinue reading

EPIC Bars Bison + Turkey

23 May Epic Bars (1)

One year since my first two EPIC Bars, I took two other flavors of EPIC bars for a spin.  This time around, The Hubby and I tried the Bison Bacon Cranberry and Turkey Almond Cranberry bars.  In what better place to take these energy-packed meat bars than to Mount Rainier National Park.  From Seattle looking south east of the horizon, Mt. Rainier dominates the skyline, and from that distance, it beckoned the hikers in us to see the Cascade Range peaks closer. Continue reading

The Rose Garden Tea Room

19 Apr The Rose Garden Tea Room (2)

How do you like your tea and how do you imagine drinking it?  At The Rose Garden Tea Room, you can have your mini cakes and eat them too, and obviously, it’s where you can have your tea and drink it too.  In fact, you can have your choice from five types of hot tea: Strawberry Kiwi, Rose, ApricotEstate Black, and Mandarin Rooibos. At that time, I liked my tea non-caffeinated so I went with the strawberry kiwi – it was lovely, tangy, and pink in color.  Our amiable hostess said that the kids love it very sweet.  The kid in me likes the tea, but the adult in me likes it tart.  And I imagine drinking my tea in a peaceful setting… the rose garden in The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens would do beautifully.  Continue reading

Father’s Office – Culver City

18 Apr Father's Office-Smoked Eel

Los Angeles is packed with an overwhelming assortment of places to eat: from places that elicits “I-can’t-believe-they-call-this-food” from its diners, to mediocre restaurants, to one-of-a-kind eateries.  Father’s Office, a gastropub focused on good brews and good food fall somewhere in between average and A-1.  The Hubby’s longtime college buddy, Arthur, made the suggestion to eat in “Fo2”, chosen by us from a long list of other restaurant suggestions.  All he needed to say was it serves great burgers and that helped seal our choice.  Continue reading

Urth Caffé Pasadena

18 Apr Urth Cafe - The New Yorker Sandwich

Traveling sometimes does funny things to one’s, ahem, tummy.  I’m going to beat around the bush here because food reviews and tummy issues don’t pair well together.  To be clear, for this review of Urth Caffé, the eatery was my savior not the cause of tummy bugs.  I have The Hubby’s college friend, Arthur, to thank for recommending lunch at this Pasadena neighborhood prize.  His presently preggy wife likes going to the café for lunch with her friends.  Urth Caffé was the best place he could think of for healthy and nourishing food, and he was right on target because the day before, I imagined having a Mediterranean-inspired meal.  Imagination can come to life every so often. Continue reading


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