Sammamish Pine Lake Ale House

7 Feb Pine Lake Ale House-Prime Rip French Dip

Based on testimonial (from a workmate of The Hubby’s) that Pine Lake Ale House serves great fries and local craft brews, we decided to finally visit the talk-of-the-town neighborhood eatery.  I don’t know how long Pine Lake Ale House has been around since its website doesn’t currently have an “About Us” page (maybe they’ll put up one in the future), but regardless of how long it’s been in business, it no doubt has regular patrons.  Continue reading

Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery

10 Jan Family Seafood Platter-Phil's Fish Market

On December 26th, or Boxing Day as known in the UK and Canada, or the shopping day after Christmas as we know it in the US, my family members, all five of them, wanted to do different things.   Continue reading

Shuei-Do Manju Shop

7 Jan Shuei-Do Manju

When we were in San Jose’s Japantown three years ago, we looked for the grocery store I used to go to when I lived in Downtown San Jose, near “J Town”, as an undergrad college senior.  All I knew was that the store was along Jackson St.  The reason for the grocery hunt was that I wanted daifuku.   Continue reading

Kumako Ramen

7 Jan Kumako Ramen - Vegetable Tofu Ramen

Fortunately, I don’t often come across terrible tasting ramen, but when I do, the taste remains until I have good ramen to replace the unpleasant experience.  When we visited the Bay Area, two days after the unsatisfying eats at Octopus Japanese Restaurant in Long Beach, we went to San Jose’s Japantown for salvation.  Continue reading

Octopus Japanese Restaurant

6 Jan Spicy Seafood Ramen-Inari

Seven hours of driving from Monterey County to SoCal with an hour consisting mostly of LA traffic, think “stop and go” or “no go” at all, and all you’d want afterwards is taco.  If you’re The Hubby, you’d want taco.  I, on the other hand, wanted ramen.  While The Hubby’s college friend, who we planned to see during our quick overnight stay in La La Land, wanted pho because he was feeling sick.  Ramen won this round of “choose a place to eat rock-paper-scissors” (we didn’t literally play though) so we ended up searching for a Japanese restaurant within Long Beach.  There were only a few Japanese restaurants to choose from in Long Beach and because (at the time!) it had an 84% Urbanspoon rating and 3.5 Yelp stars out of 660+ raters, we chose Octopus Japanese Restaurant.

Continue reading


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