Cafe Home Koreatown

17 Apr Cafe Home K-Town (5)

This sizeable café has found a handy spot being right next to The Boiling Crab and The Boiling Crab To-Go, and whoever runs Cafe Home has got some shrewd business sense as the establishment has opened its doors to welcome customers from The Boiling Crab To-Go with the requirement that they order drinks.  Not a bad trade since The Boiling Crab is usually packed and that the next best thing is getting a to-go order and sitting somewhere nearby, and sitting in a place that sells drinks is convenient.  Cafe Home is that place. Continue reading

The Boiling Crab To Go – Koreatown

17 Apr The Boiling Crab To Go (5)

Following a quick tour of LA’s famous The Grove and after enjoying a sorbet each from Bennett’s Ice Cream, we checked in our hotel and began the arduous task of choosing a restaurant with the help of strangers’ restaurant nitpicks, rants, and raves in the internets.  The winner would’ve been Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, until I gave The Boiling Crab as an option to The Hubby.  He was all ears.  And it didn’t take long for us to agree on The Boiling Crab.

Thanks to Urbanspooners and  Yelpers, we learned that The Boiling Crab is popular enough that lines form quickly.  It was still around 6PM when I gave the restaurant a call to find out how long does seating take and they already had a wait of 20 minutes.  The hotel wasn’t far from the restaurant but considering LA traffic, it was a half an hour drive away.  We arrived just before 7PM and the wait has jumped to over an hour.  Continue reading


3 Apr Mochi

Rice cakes come in so many different types and shapes, with dry rice cakes being on my “oh heck no!” list, and with Asian rice cakes being the most familiar to me.  To ask me which type is my favorite is like asking a parent with numerous kids which one is theirs, meaning… don’t bother asking.  Mochi is the rice cake that we tend to purchase and eat often, and I’m a goner for mochi filled with anko (red bean paste). Continue reading

Belle Pastry

21 Mar Belle Pastry-Lemon Meringue Tart

Word around Redmond is that there’s a good French bakery in town and testimonials from people who’ve patronized the shop and has become regular patrons is that they like the croissants, or baguettes, or macaronsBelle Pastry is the bakery in question — located in Bella Botega, at downtown Redmond.  Very close to where we used to live; in retrospect, it’s a good thing that I didn’t know about it when we lived in the area.

I’m a croissant girl and our usual go-to place for croissants is Whole Foods Redmond.  A cordial French-Canadian co-worker of The Hubby’s gave him a Belle Pastry croissant to be shared with me; I was touched and if it’s a plug for Belle Pastry, it’s a tasty and persuasive promotion for a bakery I was ambivalent about.  Continue reading

Katsu Burger Seattle

13 Mar Katsu Burger-Godzilla Attack

Maybe it was because I said, “Please” ever so nicely.  Or maybe because there really are burger gods because Katsu Burger is back in business and there’s even one opened in Bellevue.  When The Hubby dropped the good news around holiday time last year (2014), I did my yay-the-gods-must-be-listening dance.  Continue reading


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